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Feeling Loopy


So, I just downloaded a new iPhone app that I am mildly obsessed with.

It is called Vine, and it is an app that allows you to post personal loop videos and watch and comment on other people’s loop videos, as well. It’s interface is similar to Instagram, but with videos instead of pictures (duh).

I’m definitely no professional loop video maker… but I did do a lot of editing in college, due to majoring in Television Production, so I like to think that I’m technically capable of putting together something decent… which is why I am excited to really start playing around with this app. I haven’t had the time or opportunity yet to really do anything too spectacular, but I have made a few quick videos while testing it out:

“The way to my heart”
“Ghost rider”

Some users have already uploaded some pretty amazing stuff that makes my test videos look shit.

And then of course, you have people like Andy Milonakis, who uploaded a loop video of him blowing smoke into a computerized baby’s face… yeah, you read that right. And now mine start to look a little better… ;)

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool app and wanted to share it with you guys. If you already have the app, send me some links to your favorite loop videos that you’ve made in the comments!

And as always, continue to send me your “Ask Heather” questions for our Friday segment!

One comment on “Feeling Loopy

  1. Jasmine
    April 30, 2013

    I’m fairly new to Vine as well. I only have one video that I’m proud of. Everything else is just random clips from my outings with friends.

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